SSOLE is a charitable organization created to support the needs of people and communities in crisis through medical, financial and educational assistance. With a strong desire to make a contribution to our local community, it is our aim to provide the best quality care and support for any person, regardless of socio-economic status, race, religion or creed.

Founded in 1998, our officers created SSOLE in response to the need of one small child, providing him with tools for anger management and the opportunity for change. We now run an educational foundation, community retreat center, offer crisis support, and are in the initial phases of establishing a food bank and free medical clinic.

Managed by a board of directors, we are located in Bellevue, Washington, and currently serve Seattle and the Eastside.

SSOLE Founders
Christine Cannon President and Founder
Christine Cannon has over 25 years experience in Bio-Spiritual nutritional counseling, psychotherapy and mind body work. She has been practicing Tantra and meditation for thirty five years, and is well versed in numerous other fields of traditional and non traditional healing therapies. Christine was born with a conscious awareness of her essential self, and is dedicated to assisting others on the path of spiritual inquiry.
Christine has run health centers in Australia and the United States, and has taught in numerous countries. She has sat on the board of directors for the YWCA, in Evanston Illinois, and continues to be a strong supporter of women’s issues and humanitarian rights.
It is her belief that everyone, regardless of social, religious or economic background, have the opportunity to live with grace and dignity. It is with this belief that she began the Sri Mariamne Center for Transformational Therapy, and the five primary foundations of SSOLE.
Malcolm Cannon Vice President
Malcolm Cannon has a background in consulting and labor relations. He received his BA in history from Lake Forrest College, and is currently the executive director of a software company in Redmond Washington.
Lia Adams Secretary and Director of Operations
Lia Adams is the director of operations for SSOLE, and the Sri Mariamne Center for Transformational Therapy. She has a background as a software consultant and project director for a major construction software company based in Redmond Washington. She has traveled throughout the United States implementing software and training clients, and has developed web based integrated software applications for the construction industry.
Michael Cannon Treasurer
Michael Cannon is a C.P.A. with over 28 years experience in public accounting primarily with federal and state tax matters concerning a variety of industries including non profit organizations. He received his BA in accounting from the University of Rhode Island, and his MS in taxation from the University of Baltimore and is currently a tax principal at a public accounting firm.
Bhavesh Doshi Founding Officer
Bhavesh Doshi is currently employed at Microsoft as a software design engineer test lead. He received his BA in commerce from the University of Madras, and received his MS in information systems management from the University of Arizona.
Bhavesh is also a practitioner of Vedic Astrology, who believes in the union of divine mind and divine will through the practice of selfless service and meditation.
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