If you would like to donate to our organization, please send funds made payable to:
PO Box 355
Medina, WA 98039
Or you can donate online. You will be provided a space to include your name and address, as well as any other information.
You can download our donation form below.. If there is a particular foundation you would like us to direct your funds to, please indicate that with your check or money order, or include a note with your Paypal donation. Also, if you are able to volunteer your time, you can notify us with the below form. Thank you very much for helping us to sow the seeds of love!!!
Please click on one of the following links to download a Donation Form or a Volunteer Form.
Donation Form (Microsoft Word)
Volunteer Form (Microsoft Word)
Choose this if you have Microsoft Word on your computer. Clicking on the above link will allow you download the file onto your computer.
Donation Form (HTML)
Volunteer Form (HTML)
Choose this if you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer. This will bring up a printable version of the the form in your web browser.
Download Microsoft Word Reader
For your convenience, a link to the Microsoft Word Reader has been provided. Download the reader from Microsoft's website, which will allow you to read Microsoft Word files.
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