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It is SSOLE’s intent to provide alternative methods of funding to families in the community whose children would benefit from an alternative education. It is our belief that any family regardless of socio-economic status is deserving of the best care and education possible. We feel that without education a community can not thrive. To this end we provide financial assistance to families in the community, as a supplement to the financial aid process provided by each school.
SSOLE is a grass roots effort that relies on fundraising and public support. This year through generous donations and the actions of our benefactors, our foundation placed 18 children in schools in the Seattle area. Many of these children would not have been able to attend these schools without our assistance.
We wish to extend this program to the global community, and have taken steps to offer our services in India, East Africa and Ireland.
We are currently raising funds to place the following children at the Sagewood School in Bend Oregon.
Zane Weller: Zane’s mother came to us because her son was floundering in public school. By circumstances out of her control, she is a single working mother with a two year old and Zane (currently in 3rd Grade). Despite the financial hardship, she was determined to enroll Zane in the Sagewood School, inspired by Open House presentations on Waldorf education. To pay for tuition, she works in the Sagewood office one day a week. Zane is flourishing in school and “loves it” according to his happy mother.
Brooklynn Rosencranz: Brooklynn came to the school with her parents while they were touring the school for her younger sister Tess. Brooklynn told her mother that day, “They love the earth at that school, mom. I want to go there.” Brooklynn was struggling in school, but is now a very happy member of the Sagewood 2nd grade. Because Brooklynnn’s father has been out of full time work for more than a year, both parents work sporadic hours at a local Safeway. They make wooden children’s furnishings and capes to sell at school fundraisers in lieu of tuition.
Hunter Burge: Hunter is a joy to the 2nd grade class and to every specialty teacher in the school. His mother is a single parent raising four children by running an in-home daycare. His father was removed from the home by a restraining order. Hunter’s mother supports his education by making fresh muffins for sale twice a week and running “Parents Night Out” childcare at the school twice a month.
Jacob Kinzer: Jacob’s parents build energy efficient solar homes. Because of a very bad business deal and lengthy lawsuits, his family is financially stressed, and unable to afford tuition. Jacob and his little sister Quinn are happy as larks in our Kindergarten and pre-K. His mother has helped us to write grants for our gardening, recycling, ecology and agricultural economics program in exchange for tuition. With funding, we hope to employ her as the teacher of this program.
Without the assistance of SSOLE’s Educational Foundations these children will not be able to stay in the Sagewood School. If you can help us support these children through donation, please contact Lia Adams at (425) 456 0334.
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